Don’t be fooled by his name.  Tiney Piney has a BIG responsibility!  This musically talented porcupine has a very important job.  Before he settles in for his winter hibernation, Tiney must write a symphony to usher in the coming spring.  Every year, on the first day of spring, Tiney rouses all his woodland friends from their deep sleep so they can perform his symphony on their unique forest instruments.  You see... it is his music that awakens their forest home from its snowy slumber.

    But in his first storybook adventure — “Tiney Piney And The Odyssey Orchestra” — Tiney turns up missing on that first spring day!  His woodland friends can’t seem to find him anywhere, and they know their forest home won’t awaken until Tiney’s spring symphony is performed.  So the animals immediately mobilize a search for the prickly porcupine, led by Tiney’s best buddy, Carlton C. Chameleon.  

    Things become unpredictable as Tiney finds himself in the heart of the Odyssey Theatre, where he discovers a young conductor struggling to complete his own symphony in time for their spring concert!  And that concert could ultimately save Tiney’s forest home from being cut down.

    But what happens when the Odyssey’s musicians become stranded out of town?  Will Tiney be able to overcome his distrust of humans in time to help?

    Tag along with the colorful Carlton C. Chameleon and the others as they search for clues to find their missing companion.  And follow the musically gifted Tiney Piney as he learns that the most valuable gift of friendship!